Earn Cheers from Your Peers

It's time for the ultimate geek competition: DemoJam.

The demo submission deadline has passed for Las Vegas and Berlin but is still open for Bangalore. Please use the "submit" button below if you would like to enter a demo for the Bangalore competition.

Thank you to all who submitted nominations for Las Vegas and Berlin! The Demo Jam Selection Committee will review all submissions and invite the best to compete on stage in front of the SAP TechEd live audience. One ultimate winner will be determined by a live jury and audience feedback at each conference.

DemoJam Participation and Submission Details for Bangalore

Rules for DemoJam

  • No sales presentations allowed. Violators will have their names and photos posted on Twitter with hashtag #missedthepoint.
  • Make sure your demo is original. Show us something that solves a real problem and could benefit SAP customers. And use at least one SAP technology or application in the demo.
  • The demo code must run. PowerPoint slides won't cut it.
  • Keep it short – six minutes max.
  • Choose no more than two people to demo your code.
  • A maximum of two people may present the demo onstage.
  • There are two ways SAP employees can participate in DemoJam:

    1. If they created a demo in collaboration with an SAP customer, SAP partner, or an external individual or organization not linked to SAP.

    2. If they created a demo during one of the several official SAP hackathon or coding challenges throughout the year.


Submission Conditions

  • Submit a screen cam of your demo with voiceover. We will not consider demos without voiceover or those longer than 6 minutes. Note: Your demo screen cam will be made publicly available for viewing.
  • Select SAP TechEd 2015 Bangalore
  • Finalists get two complimentary SAP TechEd Full Conference registrations. All travel expenses are the responsibility of the competitor.
  • Submit your demo by January 9, 2015.
  • If you created a demo during an "official" SAP InnoJam, coding challenge, or hackathon at SAP or with SAP during 2014, you're in luck: Entries in these events will receive +1 bonus point during the selection process. Entries that won one of those events will receive +2 bonus points. Demos created at these events therefore have a higher chance of being chosen to compete at DemoJam, although selection is not guaranteed.

Submit Your Demo for the Bangalore Competition

Watch videos of SAP TechEd && d-code jammers take the win!

DemoJam Las Vegas winners 2014 Las Vegas Winner

Spot On – Find Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Presenters: Samtosh Kumar and Simranjeet Kaur

Spot On is an application that can be used by anyone to find a lost or misplaced item with the help of GPS technology. This application targets security organizations that provide hardware (such as GPS tracking) devices and would like to increase their user base without going through the hassles of managing applications for different platforms.

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DemoJam Berlin winners 2014 Berlin Winner

Remote Farm

Presenters: Michael Weisz and Stephan Schultz, IT-Systems Engineering students from Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam

You probably know about FarmVille, a game where you can build a farm in your browser. The problem is that you only have a virtual farm so you will never eat your harvested fruits. Remote farming provides the possibility to plant, water, fertilize, and harvest your own plants in real life taking into account concepts like social media and gamification. This app enables you to monitor the growth of your plants by checking live sensor data and even lets you watch the plants grow using a Webcam – literally.

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DemoJam Bangalore winnersSAP TechEd 2013 Bangalore Winner

SAP HANA-based M-Tolling

Presenters: Krishna Kumar, SAP and Prashant Nirmale, EXA AG India Pvt. Ltd

On most highways, toll collection is conducted by using manual or automatic toll collection booths, which are region-specific and lack universal automation. This demo offers a global solution by using a smart universal device for passing tolls with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, and a real-time back-end settlement process based on SAP HANA.

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