Demo Jam – Jam with the Best!

The ultimate developer competition! During the summer, SAP customers, partners, and employees submitted proposals to demo electrifying technologies and applications. Watch Demo Jam at SAP TechEd and cheer for your favorite!

The submission deadline has passed – thank you to all who contributed! The Demo Jam Selection Committee will review all submissions and invite the best to compete on stage in front of the SAP TechEd live audience. One ultimate winner will be determined by a live jury and audience feedback at each conference.

Whether you submitted a demo this year, are planning to submit a demo next year or just are curious about Demo Jam, check out the SAP TechEd Demo Jam section of the SAP Community Network. Here, you'll learn from past Demo Jam finalists and winners about what makes a truly memorable demo – for Demo Jam, your next customer presentation, or in any other context.

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Demo Jam Las Vegas winners SAP TechEd 2013 Las Vegas Winner


Presenters: Will Powell and
Nic Doodson, Keytree

HANAdeck is a virtual reality system using Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, and an Oculus Rift, and is powered by SAP HANA. This system allows the user to view data in a virtual world and provides a mechanism to understand complex data by displaying it in realistic, life-like visualizations, where no data can be missed. As the user walks around, they move in the virtual world and can interact with it using just their hands. We are placing the user with an environment that is rich and immersive, yet familiar because of the real world-like interface. Game engines, virtual reality, and SAP HANA – it is the most advanced virtualization platform for large datasets ever.

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Demo Jam Amsterdam winners SAP TechEd 2013 Amsterdam Winner

Cloud Sitter

Presenters: Matthew Riches and
Andreas Profitlich Red Solution
and Barmer GE Nic Doodson, Keytree

Prematurely born infants have a high chance of complications, one of which is SIDS. CloudSitter allows parents to monitor vital body functions of their children during sleep using wearable sensors. The application transfers data to the SAP HANA Cloud where it is compared against reference data of healthy infants. Parents then receive information about these health indicators on their mobile device, including alerts when something turns to the worse.

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Demo Jam Bangalore winnersSAP TechEd 2013 Bangalore Winner

SAP HANA-based M-Tolling

Presenters: Krishna Kumar, SAP and Prashant Nirmale, EXA AG India Pvt. Ltd

On most highways toll collection is conducted directly by the infrastructure companies who build, operate and maintain roads. They typically use manual toll booths or some purpose-made device for automatic toll collection. This solution is however region-specific and lacks universal automation: the same payment device cannot be in different parts of the world. We aim at solving this problem using a smart mobile with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities as the universal device for passing tolls.

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